What is a Hyper-Rational?

Description: Intense and exclusive focus on the rational processing of everything, including relationships. Can be perceived as cold, distant, and intellectually arrogant.

Characteristics: Intense and active mind, sometimes coming across as intellectually arrogant or secretive. Private and don’t let many people into my deeper feelings. Mostly show feelings through passion in ideas. Prefer to just watch the craziness around me and analyze from a distance. Can lose track of time due to my intense concentration. High penchant for skepticism and debate.

Thoughts: The rational mind is where it is at. Feelings are distracting and irrelevant. Many people are so irrational and sloppy in their thinking. Needs and emotions of others distract me from my projects. I need to shut out intrusions. What I value most is knowledge, understanding, and insight. Self worth is attached to mastering knowledge and competence.

Feelings: Frustrated with others being emotional and not rational enough. Anxious about preserving personal time, energy, and resources against intrusions. Feeling different, alone, and not understood. Often skeptical or cynical.

Justification Lies: The rational mind is the most important thing. It should be protected from the wasteful intrusion of people’s messy emotions and needs, so it can get its work done.

Impact on Self and Others: Limits the depth and flexibility of relationships in work and life by analyzing rather than experiencing feelings. Intimidates less analytically intense people.

Original Survival Function: The Hyper-Rational is a good survival strategy in early childhood circumstances of emotional turmoil or chaotic surroundings. The escape into the neat and orderly rational mind generates a sense of security or a sense of intellectual superiority. It also gains us attention and praise by showing up as the smartest person in the room.