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Book formats and where to purchase

There are different ways you can obtain a copy of Shirzad Chamine's Positive Intelligence book, whether as a participant or non-participant of our programs.

  • Participants in each of our programs receive the first 8 chapters of the book in their introductory email, which is required reading. (We're prohibited by our publisher from distributing more than 8 chapters.) 
  • The full audio version of Positive Intelligence is available in our flagship PQ app. 
  • You may be able to find the ebook through Amazon, Apple or other online retailers of your choice.
  • Bulk purchases may be available from the publisher, Greenleaf Book Press, and you can follow this link, https://greenleafbookgroup.com/titles/positive-intelligence, for options on where to buy.
  • If you aren't a participant & would like to listen to the audiobook, you can purchase it from Audible HERE.
  • We do not keep copies in-house.