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Notification settings

Follow these steps to update your notification settings in the PQ App

  • Tap on Profile -> 2-line hamburger menu (upper right corner) -> Settings -> Notifications
  • Next, toggle on/off notifications for Community, Daily Focus, Coach Challenges & Daily Journal

  • On native platforms, you can choose to receive both in-app notifications and emails. However, if you're using Web app or PWA, in-app notifications will only be available in supported browsers.
  • Under App Schedule, you're able to set the time of day for Focus of the Day, the first Coach Challenge and the Daily Journal

Several things to note:

  • While you're able to adjust the Daily Focus, both Coach Challenges are intentionally scheduled 3 hours apart as part of the program structure
  • The PQ App only has push notifications, not audible ones. (These may be adjustable in your phone's settings, but are not available in the PQ App)
  • To get notifications, make sure your device settings are turned on for the PQ App

You can also add the PQ app on your computer.