Link the Saboteur Assessment to the PQ App

Follow the instructions below to link your Saboteur Assessment with the PQ App.

The Saboteur Assessment results will automatically link to the PQ app, as long as you use the same email address to complete the assessment that you used to register/login to your PQ app.

If you want to re-take the Saboteur Assessment, follow the link here with the same email you entered the first time.

It's important to note the Saboteurs tab will not be available until the 3rd week of the program.

To link the Saboteur Assessment:

Open the PQ App and tap 'Refresh Results' in Profile -> Saboteurs tab (at the bottom). Your new scores will update in the app.

To sync your Saboteur Assessment Result from a different email address:

  • If you previously took the Saboteur Assessment using a different email address, you can sync the result by entering the new email address.
  • Then, we'll send you a code to verify this new email address.
  • You'll be prompted with the message (shown in the image) if the app doesn't recognize any Assessment results from your original registered email address. 
  • Select "Yes" to sync the result from a different email. (You can also retake the assessment using the registered email.)

  • If you tap yes, the app will ask for the email address used for the assessment.
  • Type the email and click Submit.
  • A one-time code is sent to that email address.
  • Please enter the code and submit it to sync the results for that email address.

Once assessment results are available, you'll be prompted to select your Top Accomplice Saboteurs, as shown in the image below.