"Modules" is a library of additional applications of PQ in various domains of your life. During the Initial program, you will have access to a list of Foundations modules essential for completing the program. However, modules become much more powerful after the Initial Program if you decide to enroll in Grow program. You can think of a Module as a mini-course that you can take to discover how PQ can help you navigate certain aspects of your life.

Foundations Modules


This module gives you a quick overview of the PQ program, app, and the next steps. You'll find a Welcome & Instructions video, Quick App Tour, and Goals sheet.

Weekly Video Sessions

This module contains all the weekly video sessions that are unlocked each Saturday during the Initial program.


Chapters 1-8 are required reading for the PQ program. This section has the audiobook divided into chapters for easy listening. And it's narrated by Shirzad!

Grow Modules

We're constantly updating the library of Grow modules to cover many different applications of PQ in daily life. Some examples of such modules are Energy/Impact Optimization, Conflict Management, and Stress Management. For most of the Grow modules, you can do them multiple times to apply to different contexts. For example, you can do a session of the Conflict Management module with your spouse and another session with a co-worker. 

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