There are different sections of our Community based on the program and this section is located on the bottom navigation bar - the conversation icon.

My POD private to the pod members. Only people in the specific pod can see and interact with its content. While it will show in the main feed, you can differentiate that it's private by the lock icon. 

Support public and all participants of the cohort or program can post here. This channel should be used for technical issues with the PQ app and is constantly monitored by the PQ support team to make sure users get all the support they need.

Share a public group where people can communicate freely, whether their experience during the program or sharing thoughts and ideas with the larger community. Keep in mind, posting here may get a lot of feedback from other community members.

Announcement used by members of the PQ team to notify users about important updates in the app or in their program. 

There are also subsections underneath!


Here, users can see all the global posts from the people they follow, and from the groups, they're a part of. Posts here are in chronological order. This area resembles a Facebook feed: displaying posts from your friends and the groups.


This global area consists of all posts that had a large number of interactions within the past 24 hours. You don't necessarily have to be following someone for the post to show here.


This global section becomes available after completion of a program and consists of participants across all the programs. It's also chronological.

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