Sage Power Games

We all have five Sage Powers that can meet any challenge. When you switch on your Sage perspective, you have access to all five powers: Empathy, Explore, Innovate, Navigate and Activate. 

How do we use these Sage Powers in their pure form?

Use the Sage Power games below to help boost your Sage and gain deeper access to their powers.


Visualize the Child

Visualize yourself as a child in a setting, an old picture or a memory where your essence shines through. Be sure to select a vivid and detailed image that triggers feelings of caring and empathy. This image is a reminder of your true essence and that your essence is worthy of unconditional caring and empathy, especially when beaten down by Saboteurs.

The same holds true for generating empathy for others. If you're feeling upset at someone's Saboteurs, you may be hijacked by your own.To recover your Sage, visualize the other person as a child in their true essence. 


Fascinated Anthropologist

Become a keen observer of what simply is, without any other influence over the situation. It's difficult to not judge, change or try to control what's going on. Try to discover things exactly as they are, without a selective filter.



Follow every new idea you have by saying " Yes, what I love about that idea is...and..." With this approach, every idea is appreciated rather than judged before the next thought is generated in reaction to it. The key is rapid succession - whether played in your head or in a team setting. 


Flash Forward

When faced with a fork in the road, imagine yourself at the end of your life looking back at the choices you are now facing. From that perspective, what do you wish you had chosen at this juncture? At the end of our lives, many Saboteur-related concerns fall away and reveal themselves as false.


Preempt the Saboteurs

Put yourself in the shoes of the Saboteurs and attempt to anticipate how they might try to sabotage your action. You anticipate thoughts that would whisper or scream at you during the action and the lies they use against you. Once you're aware of the sabotage, you can intercept and release those thoughts in the middle of the action. The key? Predict and prepare.

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