What can I expect in Grow?

After successful completion of our six-week PQ Program, the participant has the option to either Maintain their current strength level through continued use of the App in its current state (without any new content pushed to the PQ app) or continue to Grow

In the Grow program, participants Grow additional strength by continuing to strengthen their Sage and PQ muscles and further weakening Saboteurs through:

  • New Focus of Days, Coach Challenges, and Reflections
  • New Ability to customize your Grow experience by selecting Themes based on specific content or Saboteur
  • New Ability to change your current Focus of the Day (from previous ones if you want to revisit select content)
  • New Option to either Skip or Un-skip weekend content to be truly self-paced 
  • New Stress Management, Conflict Management & Energy/Impact Optimization modules in a new tab, with expanded information
  • And, working on the second accomplice Saboteur your first week.

Grow is completely self-paced, without the structure of the PQ Program. If you open the PQ app, the content will push. If you don't open the PQ app, the content will not push. So, no worries, you won't miss anything!

Take a look at how you're able to customize Grow! ⤵️

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