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Cancelation FAQs

Answers to cancelation process for our PQ Programs.

Here is how to cancel based upon the program you are in:

  • PQ Program please email support@positiveintelligence.com
  • Grow Subscription please follow the link HERE or cancel in the PQ app, under your Profile -> 2-line drop-down -> Settings -> Billing portal.
  • PQ Coach or PQ Coach Essentials Membership, please complete this form HERE. Once you submit the form, our billing department will be notified.
    • Please make sure that all registered clients have been archived to finalize a PQ Coach cancelation. Once you archive them, they will then be moved to Maintain & we can process your cancelation.
    • We cannot cancel your membership if you have active clients in the PQ Program.
    • As soon as your request is processed, we'll reach out and confirm the cancelation of your membership.

Access after cancelation

  • Participants in our PQ Program or PQ Coaching Grant Program will maintain access to the PQ App content for another year, after the successful completion of your program. You'll be moved to Maintain and will not receive any new content but will continue to have access to what is in the foundational program.
  • PQ Coach Members will no longer have access to the Learning Hub, the Coach Dashboard, or the Coaching Communities in-app, and will no longer be able to add clients to the program. You will still have access to the in-app data and previously completed exercises during the foundational course for 1 year after the cancelation date.


  • We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on most purchases. Our PQ Mastery and PQ WealthBuilder programs are excluded from this money-back guarantee.

  • At any point within the first 30 days, if you don’t see value in your PQ Coach Membership, we insist you get a 100% refund. It's as simple as submitting a request via this form in the first 30 days of your membership.
  • It's important to note that annual PQ Coach Memberships are not prorated. If you decide to cancel outside of the first 30 days, you will retain your access until your annual renewal date, as we do not offer refunds outside of the 30-day timeframe.

Re-activate your membership

  • Grow subscribers can enroll via the PQ app billing area or can contact Support for a link to enroll.
  • PQ Coaches are welcome to come back anytime.
    • Previous PQ Coaches are free to re-enroll during any open enrollment window for the PQ Coach program.
    • You cannot join the Coaching Grant program again, however, you can jump on the waitlist to be notified for our next enrollment date. 
    • Add your name and email to the waitlist via this link: positiveintelligence.com/go, and we'll reach out close to the start of the next registration period

Revisiting the Programs

  • PQ Program participants are able to access the module content at any time in the app. For further growth, we encourage you to enroll in the Grow program.
  • Grow Program participants are free to rejoin at any time.