We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on every purchase.

To cancel your PQ program, please contact Support.

To cancel your Grow or PQ Coach subscription, please follow the link HERE. Once you submit the form, our billing department will be notified. 

As soon as your request is processed, we'll reach out and confirm the cancelation of your membership. 

(If you're a PQ Coach in Cohort 12 & would like details on your special money-back guarantee period, please contact support.)

Can I come back after the cancelation or re-activate my membership?

Yes. PQ Coaches are welcome to come back anytime. Getting a fresh start with a new cohort at a later date might work better for you. You can jump on the waitlist to be notified for these enrollment weeks: We'll reach out close to the start of the next registration period.

For Grow subscribers, please contact Support and we'll send you a link to enroll.

How much is the cost to reactivate?

Currently, the costs remain the same for all of our programs. Though, it's important to note that pricing could change with the program's evolution. 

Here are some frequently asked questions for our PQ Coach subscribers who may be thinking about canceling their membership.

What will happen if I cancel my PQ Coach program? What can I still access after cancelation?

For those in the PQ Coach program, coaches will no longer have access to the Learning Hub, the Coach Dashboard, or the Coaching Communities in-app, and they will no longer be able to add seats for their clients. However, they will still have access to the in-app data and previously completed exercises during the foundational course (outside of the Modules) for 1 year after the cancelation date.

Do PQ Coaches need to undergo the training again if they cancel?

A PQ Coach doesn’t need to undergo the 6-week program (or 7-week program) again once they go back to the program. Since the foundational course was previously completed, you can start running your own Pods after enrolling in the new PQ Coach cohort.

After I cancel my PQ Coach membership and I want to re-enroll, do I have to wait?

Coaches are free to re-enroll during any  open enrollment window for the PQ Coach program. If they miss the window, they're free to start up with the next cohort.

Can I cancel my PQ Coach membership if I have registered clients?

It's important to note that all registered clients must be archived to finalize your cancelation. They will then be moved to Maintain and will no longer have access to Grow.

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