Getting Started With the PQ Coach Program

Welcome to the PQ Coach program!

We're excited to have you & know you have tons of questions. While we'll share details on your Cohort soon, here's a list of the most commonly asked questions for our new PQ Coach members in the meantime. 

Once you sign up for the PQ Coach program, you'll receive a Welcome email from the PQ team & will have access to content immediately. You'll gain access to special in-app Coaching Communities, a Coach Dashboard where you'll be able to enroll your clients, special monthly bonus sessions & a Learning Hub where you'll be able to access numerous resources & materials to enhance your coaching program.

So, keep an eye on your inbox because we'll be sharing a LOT of details soon! 

Until then, here are some fast FAQs for the PQ Coach program

How do I access the learning materials?

As a PQ Coach member, you can access all learning materials via This is also accessible through your Coach Dashboard via

How do I access the recording of the Welcome Call? Or a missed live session?

Links to these recordings are shared within 48 hours & will be added to the Learning Hub. Each of the videos will be released every Thursday night (PST): one for the PQ Coach Track & one for Business Development.

Will my data in the app start over now?

No, you restart from the beginning. Instead, you'll be enrolled in what we call GROW, where you'll receive new daily content along with new Modules. GROW is expanded access in the app. You will have new Focus of the Day & Coach Challenges that introduce more concepts, apply the learning in different ways, and have new modules. 

When can I start using my seats?

You can start putting your clients into the app as soon as you begin the program.  However, we suggest you wait until you are familiar with the content and platforms before you do.

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