Common Membership Questions

What do I do when I feel behind?

Reach out! We have Coach Success Specialists who can help get you back on track. Also, you're welcome to attend Office Hours to get your questions answered.

May I concentrate the first 6 months on certification modules and do a lesser pace for the biz dev modules?

You're free to work on the specific content as you wish. However, the first six months are considered the "core" for content before moving to the advanced program. 

I haven't been getting emails from PQ. Where did they go?

Please get in touch with We're happy to assist!

After the first year, what happens in the second year - do you pay for a membership again?

Yes, you continue to pay that membership fee again if you use the app and want more access to the training.

If I enroll clients in the PQ app before my year expires, do they still get access to the app for 12 months?

Your clients will need to be archived if you cancel your subscription. At that point, they would have access to the PQ app in Maintain mode. In Maintain, they get access to all content that has been previously served to them.

Can I put my account on hold for some time?

We no longer offer pauses to memberships, but you can cancel and come back with no issues!

How do I join another Cohort?

If you need a fresh start, contact support and let us know! We can easily add you to the next upcoming cohort.

How do I enroll PQ into large corporate groups?

Please see our B2B session that goes into detail on this in our B2B Learning Module in the Learning Hub. If you're not finding the answer you see, please email for further clarification.

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