Coach Pod Networking

The Pods in PQ Coach are a little different than the Pods associated with our PQ program & PQ Coaching Grant program. Soon after enrollment, you'll have the opportunity to attend a PNS (Pod Networking Session). There are three sessions & we'll share additional details in an email. So, keep an eye on your inbox!

Here are some fast FAQs on Coach Pods:

Can I stay with my POD from 100X?

For the advanced portion of the training, we do not put coach PODs into the PQ app to communicate with each other. Instead, you will decide how to best communicate outside your weekly meetings (examples are Facebook, WhatsApp, Slack, etc.).

Will I get a new coach POD for this portion of the training?

We recommend that you have a POD for the Advanced Training for accountability and support. For the first four weeks, we will help you meet other coaches to form a strong foundation. And we'll show you what a successful POD will look like.

How do I form a new coach pod?

We hold Pod Networking Session quarterly - in these sessions, you can meet other coaches looking to form a pod. These will begin within the first month of your joining our membership program.

Could you expand on the purpose and content of the Pod Networking sessions?

The Pod networking sessions are something we started for Cohort 7 to help coaches get to know each other to form a strong pod. It's kind of like speed dating for coaches. We'll put you into breakout rooms with some prompts so you can learn more about each other.

Will there be any opportunities to meet with the newer cohorts to see if they are interested in joining me in a pod?

Yes! As each new cohort of coaches comes in, we conduct Pod Networking Sessions. Information for these will be shared in the community when they are about to start.

What do I do if my Pod is inactive / no longer meeting?

You have several options. You are free to post a request to join a new pod in the Community inside of your mobile app. There you can find other pod members to join. You can also join any of the Positive Intelligence Office Hours to request support in changing your Pod. You can also share in the Zoom chat during one of our live sessions that you're seeking new pod mates to find a new pod that works for you. Each quarter (i.e., every 3 months), we onboard new PQ Coach members actively seeking new pods. You are free to join these Pod Networking sessions and find a new pod to help you continue your journey of mental fitness mastery.

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