Coach Clients

One of the benefits of enrolling with the PQ Coach program is access to a special Coach Dashboard, where you can enroll your clients & create a program that is unique to them & your specific niche. 

Once you are fully comfortable with your own learning first and are confident enough with the material, you'll be able to lead a POD of your own.

A complete tutorial on how to enroll your clients is outlined in the PQ Seat Management Module on the Learning Hub.

We know you're excited to dig in & have a ton of questions. Here are some fast FAQs on client Pods & the program to get you started! 
Is the program the same for your clients as your PQ Coaching Grant program? 
While the content is similar, your program was unique to you as a coach. The program was designed to help build your development. Your client's program is our flagship PQ program & does not include the special sessions you experienced with the PQ Coaching Grant program.

How do I enroll clients into my seats? When can I put my clients into the app?

We want to ensure that you are fully comfortable with your own learning first and are confident enough of the material to lead a POD of your own. Please visit the PQ Seat Management Module to learn how to add clients to a PQ program & the PQ app.

How do I communicate with my clients?

Visit the PQ Seat Management Module to learn how to communicate with your clients in the app.

My client is not receiving their Focus of the Day. What should I do?

If they're actively in a program, please get in touch with support.

What is the optimal number of clients in a POD?
For client PODs, Shirzad recommends around five.
Do our clients have to be in a POD?
No. While your clients can be placed in a POD with your other clients (or as an individual if you prefer), you act as their PODmate leading them through the content.

It's important to note we encourage Pods to be kept to a maximum of around 5 people, to be most effective. That said, adding more than that to the Pod is technically possible. Though clients aren't able to be in multiple Pods at the same time. 

How many clients can we put into the app?
You may have up to 25 clients in the app at one time. The first five seats will be included with your membership. Any seat beyond the first five will incur a charge per client, per month, with the additional option of adding as many clients as you would like in the Grow track. This means that coaches can create and manage multiple pods, which is excellent for mixing and matching clients between different pods, allowing for a more enhanced and optimal experience.
It's important to note any clients in GROW or in the initial 6-week program will be considered as an active seat. 

How do I move clients to Grow or Maintain?

On your Coach Dashboard, you will see your clients. Next to each client is a STAY IN GROW box. If it is checked, they will remain in an active seat. If it is unchecked, they will move into your Archive as soon as the 6-week program is complete. To get them into Grow from the Archive, simply recheck the box, and they will pop back into your active client list.

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