Certification Fast FAQs

Is there an extra charge for Certification?

There is absolutely no extra charge for PQ Coach Certification, as this is an option with your membership.

When can I become a Certified PQ Coach?

You are invited to begin the certification process once you have been a PQ Coach member for six months.

How long will it take to get Certified?
At six months, you will be invited to begin the Certification process, and then every month after that. We don’t start certification until six months because one of the requirements is to watch all the PQ Coach Training videos.

Do we have to certify by a specific time during our membership?

You do not have a time deadline to get certified. Though, you are not eligible for certification until 6 months into the program.

What is involved in the Certification process?

There is a full list of all the certification requirements in the PQ Coach Certification Module.

When can I get my coaching certification?

Please contact certifications@positiveintelligence.com if you have questions in this area.

Can I submit my certification materials in pieces, or do I need to submit them all at once?

You will need to complete all certification requirements to begin the certification process.

If I submit the certification materials closer to my end date, will I need to extend the membership?

You will need to be an active PQ Coach to undergo the certification process.

Once you are certified, is it “for life” or needs to be renewed periodically?

Certification does not need to be renewed. However, you need to be an active member to be considered a PQ Certified Coach. 

Here are the most common questions for our Coaches.

What needs to be included in the coaching skill assessment certification video?

This video is the space to demonstrate your knowledge and use of the PQ Operating System. Visit the Certification Module in the Learning Hub for more information.

What needs to be included in the Niche Video?

Include a short video recording (5-15 minutes) where you: Describe your niche and ideal clients, Describe how mental fitness will help accelerate their progress toward goals, and Preemptively answer niche-specific questions to overcome objections, fears and misconceptions. 

How many clients do I need to take through the 6-week program if I want to get certified?

Ten clients must go through the program & participate with the PQ app. Unless you are working with clients who do not speak English, then only 5 are required.

What should we call ourselves if we have not yet completed our certification?

You may call yourself a PQ Coach, a Mental Fitness Coach, or a Positive Intelligence Coach. The only thing you can’t refer to yourself as is a Certified PQ Coach (nor would you refer to yourself as a Certified Positive Intelligence Coach). Once you have become a PQ Coach member, you can immediately begin referring to yourself as a PQ Coach. You are also granted permission to share this designation on social media profiles such as LinkedIn, your email signature line, and your website.

Once certified, is there a badge or similar that we can include in our social media? If yes, how can we access it?

Yes, you will receive your PQ Certified Coach Badge once you are certified.

Can you please recommend the best platform to record a client session that will be recorded for peer review for certification?

You can record a video or audio session using Zoom.

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