Coach Calls & Calendar

With your PQ Coach membership, every Tuesday, you'll have a Q&A with Coaches Shirzad. Every Thursday, you'll have a session with Bill. 

It's also important to note we hold Office Hours each Thursday, where you can ask non-coaching, logistical-type questions. We recommend reserving Mondays to meet with your client PODs (if applicable). And we encourage you to meet with your Coach Pod Tuesday or Thursday (if you're participating with one). 

What’s the Zoom link for the advanced training?

You'll find the links in the Learning Hub for all sessions. 

How do I get the PQ Calendar on my phone?

When you subscribe to the PQ Calendar, it will auto-populate on your calendar on your phone.

Whoops! I've subscribed to the calendar TOO many times, and the meetings are repeating on my calendar. How do I delete the duplicate event?

You can unsubscribe from them by going into your calendar settings and unchecking the box for each subscription.

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