How much time will I need to invest in my PQ Coach program?

The answer to this depends not only on the course outline but also on your level of engagement. All estimates are only a general timeframe.

We ask that you please keep in mind: the PQ Programs are about growth to reach your true potential, not necessarily a metric. And, Mental Fitness is a marathon (of daily practice) not a sprint. 

PQ Coach: 

  • 1 hour of PQ Coach Curriculum videos with Shirzad where you will dive deeper into all of the Saboteurs and Sage Powers, along with learning how to apply the PQ model to your coaching practice
  • 1 hour of optional Business Development Curriculum with Bill Carmody weekly that delves into how to build your coaching business
  • 1 hour a week live Q&A calls with the PQ Team
  • Access to the Grow portion of the PQ App, which you can engage with whenever and for however long works best for you
  • Lots more marketing, coaching, and client materials at your fingertips for your review as needed
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