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Adding or removing members in a Pod

Before the start of the program, you can update who you are in a Pod with.

PQ program

  • These are formed by Positive Intelligence, based on the participant response.
  • If you are part of the PQ Program directly through Positive Intelligence and would like to add members to your Pod, please contact support.
  • If you are part of the PQ Program through a PQ Coach and would like to add members to your Pod, you need to reach out to your Coach or Pod Leader.

PQ Coaching Grant program

  • All Pod mates must be approved for the program.
  • The Pod leader can make edits to their Pod, via the link in the Pod leader email.
  • Only the Pod leader can make changes to their Pod.
  • If there are issues with adding or removing a Pod mate, contact support, with the full name and email address of your Pod member.

All Pods must meet these Program requirements:

  • The final Pod member count cannot exceed five total members (unless we've already made special arrangements with your group).
  • Your request must be approved on our end the Friday BEFORE the start of your Program. The earlier you send your request, the more likely we are able to accommodate it.
  • Pod mate adjustments cannot be accommodated after the start of your program.