Daily Practice: Focus of the Day, Coach Challenges & Reflections

You'll spend a good amount of time in the Focus screen, which is the sun icon at the bottom navigation bar. 

Focus of the Day

This is your point of concentration for addressing your top Saboteurs, which are chosen in the second week of the program. You'll receive a Focus of the Day every morning, which is a 2-minute audio from Shirzad to prime your brain for the day.

Once you finish listening, SUBMIT so that you earn Rep.

Coach Challenges

There’s a 2-minute closed-eye audio session every 3 hours throughout the day. You'll want to make sure you submit before it gets expired to earn extra Rep - this is considered the Bonus period. There are 3 Coach Challenges total for each day.

Please Note: There are no  Coach Challenges on Mondays, as they're reserved for watching the video and conducting the Pod meetings. All app-guided exercises -- the  Focus of the Day and  Coach Challenges-- are delivered from Tuesday to Friday for each week. The participant must complete their Daily Reflection questions from the previous day to unlock today's exercises


Daily Reflections

At the end of the day, you'll get a few questions. It’s up to you to bring the completion to the learning for the day. The answer doesn’t need to be long or perfect. It’s saved for you to come back when needed. These save to your Journal

Weekly Reflections

Every Monday, you'll get a chance to reflect on what you’ve learned. There are no Coach Challenges on these days.

It's important to note you can always tap TODAY to revisit any previous days by clicking the date in the calendar.

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