Dashboard: PQ Charge, PQ Reps & PQ Muscle

PQ Charge

Think of this like a battery charging and draining. Every time you do PQ Reps, it charges up the PQ Brain where your PQ muscles/Sage lives. The more PQ Reps, the more charge. This charge slowly drains. Before important meetings or challenges, make sure you have SOME PQ Charge left, to make it more likely that your Sage would handle the challenge.

PQ Reps

Do a minimum of 36 PQ Reps per day. This meter starts fresh every day.

PQ Muscle

As you do PQ Reps. you gradually and slowly build up your PQ Muscle. This grows by a little every day. The six-week goal is to get to a score of 400, which is at the top of the vertical meter.

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