PQ Gym: When & How to Log PQ Reps

What is PQ Rep?

PQ Rep is a 10-second hyper-focus on one of your senses. Doing PQ Reps is a foundational practice for building your Mental Fitness. PQ Reps boost your Self-Command muscle the same way that dumbbell reps would boost your physical body. 

How do I count Reps?

Most of the time app grants you PQ Reps whenever you complete an activity that involves doing them. However, there are times when you might do PQ Reps on your own, for example, during lunch focusing on the taste of the food, or in the shower when focusing on the sensations of water.

As a rule of thumb, you can give yourself 3 PQ Reps per minute of practice. So if you are doing a 10-minute meditation, you get 30 PQ Reps. 7 minutes shower with attention to your sensations would give you 21 Reps, and so forth. 

Most people’s minds will drift a bit when doing PQ Reps in a continuous fashion. As a result, we simplify the counting and measure by taking a realistic average for each minute of continuous practice. This allows you to stay completely focused on the essence of the Reps, as opposed to getting too wrapped up in the literal counting.

How do I add Reps in the app?

Just click on the Gym, then the (+) button in the upper right of the app's screen. From there, either enter the number of Reps completed or the number of minutes you practiced PQ and click Save.

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