PQ Gym: When & How to Log PQ Reps

When to Add/Log Reps

You want to add/log PQ Reps throughout the day, whether by participating in and submitting an exercise or manually adding them.

Count Reps

There are roughly 3-4 PQ Reps usually per minute of focus.

A PQ Rep is a 10-second hyper-focus on one of your senses, but most people’s minds will drift a bit when doing them in a continuous fashion.  As a result, you can simplify the counting and measure by taking a realistic average for each minute of continuous practice. This allows you to stay completely focused on the essence of the Reps, as opposed to getting too wrapped up in the literal counting.

Add/Log Manual Reps

To add/log PQ Reps that haven't been counted, you will go to the Gym, then click on the (+) button found to the right of the app's screen. Here, you will enter the number of Reps completed and they will tally toward your total.

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