Confirm your Pod's weekly meeting details

Every pod is required to meet with each other once a week to review and discuss that week's learning.
Each pod is unique, but we have provided some best practices for you to follow, until you find a system that works best for your pod.
Once your pod has agreed to all of the weekly meeting details, it's important to write them down and add the weekly meeting to your calendar. Share the details among the group so you can provide each other with accountability.

Pod meeting date & time

Ideally your Pod should meet on Mondays, or Tuesday mornings at the latest, with all Pod members having already watched the weekly video session. 

This prepares all Pod members for the daily exercises related to that week’s practice, which begin on Tuesdays.

The important thing is that you DO meet, as early in the week as possible, at a time when every pod member can attend.

Length of meeting

A typical length of time for the weekly meeting is 5 minutes per pod member. So, a pod of 4 people would meet for 20 minutes weekly.
This is just an approximation. To make calendaring easy, agree to a 30min, 45min or 1 hour weekly Pod meeting based on whichever the length of time that allows each Pod member 5 minutes to share. You’ll find this to be time well spent.
Meeting agenda
Shirzad will specifically outline a proposed Pod discussion agenda at the end of his weekly video sessions.

Meeting method

The most commonly used tools are Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype & FaceTime. All of these are free to download and use. 
Choose the technology platform that's common to all of your pod members and easy for everyone to use.
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