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Metrics: PQ Charge, PQ Reps & PQ Muscle

The PQ Charge, PQ Reps & PQ Muscle explained.

The metrics in the PQ app are Reps, Charge & Muscle. In the app you can tap on each of these icons for more information!

PQ Reps

36 PQ Reps per day is the minimum required to build a foundation of Self-Command. Ideally, aim for a mix of closed-eyed & open-eyed Reps, and short & long PQ Gym sessions. This meter starts fresh every day.

PQ Charge

Based on brain priming research, PQ Charge indicates your PQ Brain being primed/warmed up. Make sure you have at least some charge left as you enter important meetings or decisions. 

Think of this like a battery charging and draining. Every time you do PQ Reps, it charges up the PQ Brain where your PQ muscles/Sage lives. The more PQ Reps, the more charge. This charge slowly drains. 

Making sure you have some PQ Charge left, it's more likely that your Sage would handle any challenge that arises.

PQ Muscle

This indicates the strength of your Self-Command muscle. It impacts your ability to command your mind to shift from Saboteur to Sage response. Like all muscles, it grows slowly but steadily. The badge at the top represents your Muscle level. Levels signify a more permanent shift in your ability to apply PQ in your daily life.